• To identify gender-sensitive special needs to respond to the environmental and humanitarian crises caused by the climate change.
  • To identify the indigenous technical knowledge of tribal & fisher folk and to integrate it with recent advanced technology.
  • To assess multi dimensional vulnerability and to identify and implement various gender specific adaptation programmes and strategies in specified zones for tribal women and fisher women to mitigate climate change impact.
  • To study the roles of the tribal & fisher women and to contrast and compare these roles with the roles of rural farm women.
  • To identify and study socio-economic profile and to reorient the gender specific capacity building programmes and to develop training modules specific to different categories of women.
  • To study the impact of climate change and the implications on marine and river ecosystems in a systems perspective.
  • To utilize the capacities of women by empowering them in social, economic, technological, intellectual and psycho-social sectors by making them as climate change adaptation agents.
  • To create database and use of information technology